Creating Global Environments for Us All to Thrive

As we commemorate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary this year, we are developing new strategies and initiatives to help tackle sustainability’s most pressing problems, including: lifecycle impact, renewable energy, and emissions. In this blog post, I’ll share our current and upcoming environmentally-focused work.

Digging into the Data of Sustainability

Although we’ve scaled up our product portfolio, we have started to be more efficient with our energy usage and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Since 2016, we’ve reduced the electricity consumed per petabyte of storage manufactured by 30 percent. Also, from 2016 to 2018, we reduced GHG for our HDD and SSD products by 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

We’ve begun developing lifecycle impact assessments to identify and adopt opportunities for improvement in our products. These could include hydroelectric, local cogeneration supplies, and other renewable energy options.

Progress on Our 2019 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

As part of our commitment to continued transparency, our upcoming report on corporate responsibility and sustainability will include more environmental and social impact data, aligned with both the GRI and SASB standards. We are excited to share progress in energy reductions, human rights and labor management, responsible sourcing, packaging reductions, and other important environmental metrics. Stay tuned — the report will be published in mid-summer. 

Ship, Snap, Support: Our Global Teams Chime in on the Environment

We talked with more colleagues around the world to see how their work impacts the environment. First, our Global Logistics team shared how we reduced our global carbon footprint through data science and our move towards a paperless supply chain. Then, our director of Global Giving and Doing highlighted our community grants focused on environmental preservation and recent shift to virtual volunteering. Finally, we sat down with five, world-renowned ambassadors from our SanDisk® Extreme Team and G-Technology® G-Team to find out how a single wildlife photograph can spark a global environmental movement.

A New Resting Spot for Old Drives

I’m excited to announce a new program that just launched on Earth Day. In just a few easy steps, you can discard your old drives safely, securely, and quickly. At no cost to you, we’ll shred your drive and recycle the materials. It’s safe, it’s green, and it’s free. Find out more about our Easy Recycle program.

Earth Day will Evolve… and the World with It

In these challenging times, technology is helping those at home find creative ways to preserve the environment. With the right data, experience, and passion, we all can contribute to keeping the planet healthy for generations to come.

Learn More about Our Environmental Initiatives


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