Contemplating IT Acquisition? Take Advantage of Flexible Payment Solutions

Choose the right payment solution that aligns with your IT strategy

The process for acquiring new IT infrastructure is often brutal. Much effort is put into investment planning and defining equipment priorities. Finance teams work hand in hand to determine feasibility, funding, and cost control. The impact on cashflow, long-term cost and usage cycle is scrutinized.

Determining how to best acquire new IT equipment can be overwhelming. This arises from the need to replace expired equipment, upgrade to more powerful system, add software enhancements, continue service support, increase IT capacity volume and satisfy requirements from business to integrate with technology specifications outside of standard platform.

Bridging the gap between legacy and new infrastructure can wreak havoc on budgeting. There are costs of maintaining and operating existing environments as well as costs for new systems and getting them online. Mission critical projects requiring immediate deployment are pushed back, delayed or canceled. Budgets are staggered to accommodate. During this period, everything from IT equipment, resourcing, level of effort and deployment time seems to compound.

IT acquisition and migration can be simplified leveraging Payment Solutions from Dell Technologies to streamline the acquisition process today and into the future.** It’s not just about your current needs but partnering with you to keep up with your IT demands and provide you management support and financing to ensure you can focus on running your business. Payment Solutions are available on Dell Technologies converged, hyperconverged, hybrid cloud, and storage and data protection solutions, and facilitate keeping desktops, laptops and workstations up to date with the latest in performance.

Features of Payment Solutions

Deferred Payments allows immediate deployment of IT solutions. Payment deferrals (if available in your area) can be paired with Technology Rotation or Technology Ownership solutions**. Bring projects forward without having to wait for the next budget cycle.

Continue to run the current system while simultaneously migrating into the new system. There is no cost to deploy new systems during this period.

Pay as you Go* payment solutions such as Technology Rotation and Technology Ownership provide customers with the ability to choose payment plans that closely align with business and financial goals**. Payments are predictable and consistent over time. Customers have the flexibility to choose what works best.

Technology Rotation* is a payment and consumption solution**. The technology lifecycle is optimized by rotating in the latest products at a pre-defined cycle without continuing to incur technology cost on the books that’s no longer operating at its peak performance. Lower your Total Cost of Usage (TCU) by up to 33%.¹

Technology Ownership* allows customers to pay over time with the goal of owning the technology**. Payments are distributed across time with greater control over cash. Take advantage of the low-rate financing and spread the cost of ownership over 36 to 60 months on all client, storage, networking, and server solutions.

Cost Benefit

Dell Technologies payment solutions enable you to free up cash and rein in costs when acquiring new technology. Deploy your IT solutions now and keep your business running with limited disruptions and benefit from:

Choice of payment solutions to address different business outcomes.

Flexibility to select technology and the finance terms.

Predictability of budget, billing, and technology lifecycle management.

We invite you to learn more by viewing our entire Payment Solutions Portfolio**.

1 IDC whitepaper, sponsored by Dell: “Financial solutions enable your PC lifecycle strategy” February 2019. Lessor owns the equipment.

*All websites referenced in this article are intended for readers located in the United States only. Readers outside of the United States may access their county’s website by selecting their location from the location menu. Products and offers may not be available or may vary by country. 

**Payment solutions provided to qualified commercial customers by Dell Financial Services (DFS) or through Dell Technologies group companies and/or through Dell’s authorized business partners (together with DFS “Dell”). Offers may not be available or may vary by country. Offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, eligibility, credit approval and execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to Dell or Dell’s authorized business partners. In Spain, services are provided by Dell Bank International d.a.c branch in Spain and in remainder of the EU by Dell Bank International d.a.c, trading as Dell Financial Services which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Dell Technologies, DellEMC and Dell logos are trademarks of Dell Inc.

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