Building the Next Generation of Smarter and Safer Airports

Over the last several decades, the air travel industry became masterful at handling continually increasing demand – until the most recent and dramatic increase in travel and labor shortage during the pandemic left airports faced with an unprecedented challenge. The global aviation industry is undergoing rapid transformation in just about every area of passenger travel. Customer loyalty is now earned not just by on-time departures and travel perks, but also by the demand for safe, secure and contactless travel. It all comes down to the customer experience and customer expectations – adding another layer of complexity to airport management/CIOs.

Today, airport CIO challenges include:

    • Improving passenger experience.
    • Keeping their passengers, employees and facilities safe.
    • Reducing costs and delivering operational efficiencies while trying to increase safety and passenger experience.
    • Lowering environmental impact to address climate change and sustainability.
    • Generating revenue to keep the facility going.

With these in mind, today we’re announcing Dell Technologies Validated Designs for Computer Vision for Smart Airports that enables transportation organizations to provide a seamless and secure passenger experience by bringing together the right combination of AI and computer vision technologies and workflows.

Now is the time to innovate

The current landscape provides a unique opportunity for airports and airlines to assess their operational and technical roadmaps. By investing in innovative technology, they will be able to drive greater efficiencies, address sustainability issues and ultimately provide an even better and safer service to their customers.

Aviation organizations across the globe are turning to AI-powered computer vision capabilities to empower a safer, more engaging passenger experience. Actionable intelligence from integrated video systems is transforming the business of travel, resulting in new value-added features for passengers, improved security and advanced safety measures such as curb-to-gate touchless check-in and temperature screenings.

While of high importance, it is not just about a seamless and secure passenger experience. Data-driven insights derived from computer vision are also helping to drive operational efficiencies by reducing business risk and maximizing revenues. With more than two thirds of the world’s population predicted to be urban by 2050, coupled with increasingly lower profit margins and steep competition, the need for transportation efficiency will only escalate. Additionally, upwards of 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation industry. Organizations are deploying computer vision systems to help lower the environmental footprint and increase sustainability by more acutely monitoring and controlling the output of harmful gases and chemicals.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Smart Computer Vision Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Dell Technologies Validated Designs for Computer Vision for Smart Airports is a purpose-built multi workload CCTV video platform. It’s architected and validated to combine video management processing and third-party video graphically accelerated analytics engines that optimize workflows.

The solution creates a ubiquitous platform that allows customers to ingest video and edge data once and apply multiple computer vision applications to develop actionable insights and maximize revenue. We do this by using analytics with a solution that delivers use cases which directly reduce passenger waiting time, decrease transit time and provide customers with access to additional passenger and staff services to enhance people’s experience.

Our validated solution also improves facility safety as our offer delivers a proven end-to-end portfolio and modern-day safety and security infrastructure that reduces siloed infrastructure and network traffic. This is done by ingesting video and IoT sensor data to a converged infrastructure with GPUs allowing multiple applications to work on real-time situation data in place. The offer is protected by integrated end-to-end cyber tools that secure both data and devices.

Lastly, our solution will achieve operational efficiencies and sustainability by allowing customers to access our ecosystem of lab-validated VMS and analytics software partners to gather inputs from multiple devices and incorporate data from edge and IoT sensors to present better quality insights on a unified dashboard that enables the customer to make more informed decisions, faster.

Key benefits include creating efficiency to manage the largest and most complex data airports deal with – computer vision data, deploying multiple solutions across the airport facility and reducing risk for the customer through validation process. We deliver a platform that is operational and correctly sized from day one and beyond. 

Achieve the Next Level of Smart Airports with Dell Technologies

The digital future of travel has arrived. To be a digital organization powered by data running in a multi-cloud world, aviation organizations must lead with a data-centric approach that extends from edge to core to cloud. Doing so will allow for the adoption of autonomous passenger services, smart facilities, intelligent energy usage and automated safety and security systems.

Dell Technologies Validated Designs for Computer Vision for Smart Airports helps you innovate while minimizing risk. Improve operational efficiencies, security and passenger experience with our lab-tested fully supported solutions, so you can concentrate on getting people where they need to go.

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