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To compete more effectively in today’s digital business environment, enterprises are moving to processes, products and services driven by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. AI is increasingly seen as the path to higher levels of automation across the enterprise, from front-end customer interactions to the back-end processes that keep the business up and running. With as-a-Service solutions for artificial intelligence, organizations can fast-track innovation, leverage the right data faster and create measurable business value.

Those are among the reasons why AI solutions have a tremendous amount of market momentum. A case in point: A report by Grand View Research projects that the global AI market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% from 2021 to 2028.1

Clearly, the enterprise of the future will be AI-driven, and this shift is already well under way. That’s evident in the way enterprises are using AI to do things that would be all put impossible with earlier-generation technologies.

As-a-Service Use Cases for AI

The use cases for AI span the wide range of operations within the enterprise. Here are a few examples of the ways in which Dell Technologies customers are putting AI to work to drive their businesses forward.

Image recognition systems identify places, people and objects within an image, and draw conclusions from them by analyzing them. Duos Technology uses these AI-driven systems to automate the inspection of trains as they roll down tracks. Watch the video.

Recommendation engines suggest the most relevant items to a particular customer based on patterns and preferences. That’s the case at Taboola, which continuously trains its AI models to deliver content recommendations on a massive scale. It provides the right recommendation 30 billion times daily across 4 billion web pages, processing up to 150,000 requests per second. Read the case study.

Natural language processing systems interact with customers in real time via computer-generated speech and text. Converge Technology Solutions helped an international developmental bank put AI-driven NLP systems to work to overcome the communication barriers in an organization that has 29 locations across the Americas and uses four different languages. Read the case study.

Fraud detection systems identify and prevent unauthorized financial activity. Nobody demonstrates the capabilities of these AI-driven systems better than Mastercard. It processes 165 million transactions per hour using machine-learning algorithms and applying 1.9 million rules to examine each transaction. It all happens in a matter of milliseconds. Read the white paper.

Autonomous vehicles increase safety with technologies that enable vehicles to see, sense and respond autonomically to the environment around them. That’s the case with systems from OTTO Motors. Using leading-edge autonomous technology, OTTO Motors digitizes material flow for the world’s largest manufacturers. Read the case study.

Approximate simulations quickly evaluate the viability of different design options using neural networks. Engineering teams at Mercury Marine use these computer-driven simulations to greatly accelerate the process of evaluating design alternatives, in comparison to the costly and time-consuming process of developing physical prototypes. Read the case study.

A simplified path to AI in the enterprise

To realize use cases like those highlighted above, organizations need solutions that simplify and accelerate the process of acquiring the high-performance computing infrastructure that runs AI and other modern applications. And that’s the idea behind the new Dell Technologies portfolio of APEX as-a-Service offerings.

The APEX portfolio delivers cloud services for a range of data and workload requirements, enabling organizations to simplify transformation and adapt to evolving conditions while staying in control of their data. These offerings reduce the time and complexity of acquiring, managing, maintaining and servicing physical IT infrastructure. Organizations can scale IT as needed to launch new applications, kickstart new projects and address the changing needs of their organizations with APEX services managed by Dell Technologies and accessed through a single console.

Here’s a quick look at the offerings in the APEX portfolio:

  • APEX Cloud Services provide a consistent cloud experience across public cloud, private cloud and edge environments. These services are ideal for compute-intensive AI projects.
  • APEX Data Storage Services deliver a simplified storage as-a-service experience with scalable and elastic storage resources built on industry-leading technologies.
  • APEX Custom Solutions offer flexible payment and IT management services for the industry’s broadest infrastructure portfolio.

Capitalizing on cloud

Let’s step back and take a look at the big picture. The APEX portfolio is part of the ongoing trend to consume IT solutions as-a-Service via hybrid cloud models. This is a trend with a huge amount of momentum. IDC predicts that by 2024, half of data center infrastructure will be consumed as-a-Service.2

The move toward accessing AI solutions and the supporting HPC infrastructure via hybrid clouds is part of a broader shift to an as-a-Service world. In fact, a Forrester paper highlighting results of a survey of IT decision makers around the world says that expanded AI and HPC use necessitates a move toward hybrid cloud. “Hybrid cloud is the new reality,” Forrester says. “Firms are making increasingly more use of cloud — both public and private — especially when it comes to HPC and AI workloads.”3

Findings like these make it clear that as-as-Service offerings are the way of the future — and the present. And the Dell Technologies portfolio of APEX services can get you there today.

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3 Forrester Consulting, “Hybrid Cloud: A Smart Choice For AI And HPC,” a thought leadership paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel August 2020.

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