An Insider’s View into the Future of Data Infrastructure

When it comes to our data-centric world, these are exciting times. I know. I’ve been with Western Digital through its many technological transformations and have directly worked for almost every CEO we’ve had. I’ve seen how data has rapidly evolved from a simple record, or a transaction, into insights and value, and it’s been an amazing journey helping to shape Western Digital solutions as data and data infrastructure have evolved.

I’m even more thrilled for the next decade of innovation.

For the first time in history, AI can be realized in real-world use cases including manufacturing, security, farming, automotive, healthcare, education and businesses. The ability of devices and objects interacting through IoT to pour even more data that allow for greater reasoning and reaction astounds me. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

These new possibilities have come about through innovations in the data infrastructure that powers them: our ability to store and access massive data, to process and transform data into insights at near real-time speed, and to bring these efficiencies and capabilities into incredibly small embedded form factors.

The Data Center Has Changed Forever

The data center landscape is evolving faster than ever across core, cloud and edge. As we focus on moving intelligence, capability and performance closer to where decisions are going to be made, the edge in particular is seeing a wave of innovation. To deliver on its opportunities, we’ll need to find new ways to contend with latency, data privacy and efficiencies.

Here at Western Digital, we are at the heart of these transformations and at the forefront of the next generations of solutions. We have made some pretty bold strategic moves in the last few years with in-house innovation as well as in acquiring technologies. Today we have what is arguably the broadest data infrastructure portfolio of any company and we are in a unique position where we engineer and innovate across the technology stack – from silicon, to platter and all the way up to systems complete with software and services.

Pushing the Boundaries of Science

Yesterday, we streamed several presentations live from Storage Field Day #18. The day offered a unique opportunity for an insider’s view into the innovations driving the future of big data and fast data infrastructure and these presentations are now available for streaming.

As you will see in the videos below, our experts and fellows shared how we’re pushing the boundaries of physics in hard drives and new energy-assist formats, the science and technology behind our flash-based devices and systems and how we are accelerating a future of composable infrastructure by spearheading NVMeTM innovation.

We’ve undergone a great transformation at Western Digital. We’ve evolved from being a provider of storage components to being a seamless enabler of data infrastructures of the future.

We want to enable people to capture, preserve, access and transform data wherever it lives, and to help our customers harness the greatest value from it.

If you didn’t have a chance to join the live event, you can watch all the presentations below to see what’s in store for the future of data infrastructure, and the innovations that make it possible.

Western Digital Creating Environments for Data to Thrive

Western Digital The Future of the Data Center – Technologies to Deliver Storage Innovation

Western Digital Creating Market Value Through Technology Leadership

Luca G. Fasoli, VP, Memory Product Solutions

Western Digital The Future of the Data Center – Data Center Systems

Narayan Venkat, VP, Data Center Systems

Western Digital N Series System Architecture

Shailendra Tripathi, Fellow, System Software Development

Western Digital OpenFlex – Composable, Shared Accelerated Storage Infrastructure

Scott Hamilton, Senior Director, Product Management, Data Center Systems

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