Lenovo publishes tender offer document for Medion AG

Düsseldorf, 28 June 2011 –In accordance with the provisions of the German takeover law, Lenovo Germany Holding GmbH, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Lenovo Group Limited (Hong Kong/PR China) has submitted a public tender offer to all third-party shareholders in Medion AG, Am Zehnthof 77, 45307 Essen, to acquire their shares in Medion AG. The offer price is EUR 13.00 per Medion share in cash. The offer is subject to the conditions and terms as described in the offer document.

The acceptance period for the takeover offer starts today, Tuesday, 28 June 2011, with the publication of the offer document and ends on 1 August 2011, 24.00 hours (local time Frankfurt/Main).

The publication of the offer document was permitted by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) yesterday.

The offer document as well as a non-binding English translation are available as of today on the internet under the following address:


In addition, the offer document as well as a non-binding English translation of the offer document are available for complimentary distribution at Deutsche Bank AG, Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (orders can be placed via fax at +49-910-38794 or by sending an e-mail to dct.tender-offers@db.com).

Important note:

This announcement is neither an offer to purchase nor a solicitation of an offer to sell shares in Medion AG. The public offer of Lenovo Germany Holding GmbH is solely made on the basis of the terms as set forth in the offer document. Investors and shareholders of Medion AG are urgently advised to read the offer document as well as any other documents published in connection with the public offer since they contain important information.

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