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The latest Ditto Account Portal update adds more detail to Rooms, changes a default moderation setting and fixes customer-reported bugs.

Rooms update 

The Rooms section of the Ditto Account Portal now includes a tab that shows all digital signage lists in each room at a glance. This eliminates the need for users to navigate to each individual signage list to view the list’s assigned rooms. This change helps speed up both Ditto room and digital signage management.

Moderator Controls default setting

We changed the default Moderator Controls setting to “off” when a new Ditto room is created, as not every account needs moderation capabilities for every room. Moderator Controls can be toggled on as needed in room settings. 

Bug fixes

We fixed a few customer-reported issues to deliver a better experience.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s new in Ditto:

Ditto Account Portal:

  • Disabled Moderator Controls by default when creating new Ditto rooms
  • Added a new tab in the Rooms section to show all digital signage lists in each room
  • Miscellaneous customer-reported bug fixes

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